Donors have been helping developing countries in the past decades so that socio-economic problems should be improved. Malawi is one of the countries which donors pump in funds in order to reduce poverty at grass root level. In recent years we have witnessed the formulation of social support policy in 2012 which guide all donors when working on social support programmes in the country. In this study focus is on the network governance of internal and external actors when it comes to working on social support programmes especially social cash transfers. The focus is on power dynamics and the interaction of implementing stakeholders (i.e., Government of Malawi, NGO’s and international donors) on partnership mechanisms and the models which are being used most to work together and related issues of governance, partnership, funding and trust when it comes to fund the government of Malawi social cash transfers. Most studies focus on the importance of social cash transfer unlike on the governance network of internal and external actors how it influence objectives, designing process and implementation of social cash transfers. In order to know the governance network process this study interviewed donors, key informants and implementing agencies in Malawi, so that a diversity of views should be analysed on the power dynamics shaping social cash transfer programmes in Southern part of Malawi. The government of Malawi being the policy holder of social support, how does the process working with donors affect the overall objective in Malawi? To the side of donors there are no clear guidelines to establish poor funds of programmes of social support intervention in Malawi. This create problems in coordination efforts supported by donors. Some suggestions on how to work best were proposed by different actors so that working relation of both should be win – win situation.

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Keywords governance, partnership, trust, social support policy and social cash transfer, Malawi
Thesis Advisor Pegler, Lee
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Series Governance and Development Policy (GDP)
Hara, Chimwemwe Salie. (2018, December 17). Assessing governance of unconditional social cash transfer as a social support programme in Malawi : Case study of selected districts in the southern region. Governance and Development Policy (GDP). Retrieved from