In 1999 a scandal involving corruption and nepotism swept the European Commission showing the flaws of its mechanisms of supervision of its Commissioners and administration. During the next five years, the Vice-President Neil Kinnock was in charge of bringing the Commission’s administration into the 21st century and its base on the Traditional Model of Public Administration by applying ideas of the New Public Management school of thought. These transformations were aimed at improving efficiency and accountability. This thesis concerns itself with the relation between the New Publica Management styled reforms and the changes in accountability by applying an analytical framework. The results of the analysis of the qualitative data after 9 interviews with Commission staff show that in its vast majority the reforms achieved their goals by increasing accountability both in an inward and outward manner.

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Thesis Advisor Dr. J.L.M. Hakvoort, Prof.dr. A.G. Dijkstra
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Series Public Administration
Dias Pereira Arnelas Fazendeiro, Henrique. (2019, November 15). New Public management reforms: an increase in accountability?. Public Administration. Retrieved from