This thesis is driven by a lot of questions concerning the university; its meaning, its reasons for being, its problems and its possibilities. Inspired by Latour’s concepts, matters of fact and matters of concern, and STS, Material Semiotic, Deconstructivist and Black Study academics, this thesis sets out to answer some of these questions. More importantly, it can be viewed as an exercise in learning, looking, thinking and writing. An attempt to approach the university, teaching and learning, in a different way with the help of others’ thoughts and ideas. Lastly, it is an invitation to think, together. The central thesis guiding these attempts is: How do we turn the university into a matter of concern? This thesis is translated into the following questions: What characterises the university in its current condition as a matter of fact? How and from which grounds has the university as matter of fact come into being? And, how do we turn the university into a matter of concern and what does that mean?

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N. van der Waal. (2020, February 29). Het Einde van de Universiteit? Of, Hoe Veranderen we de Universiteit in een Matter of Concern?. Retrieved from