The concept of decent work is a main intellectual tool to extend rights and frames protection for workers, but what happens in the case of trans migrant sex workers? Are they included in this protection? For the type of work they do what perceptions and meanings build on no discrimination at work and social security, components of the concept of decent work This research seeks to discover those meanings through discourse analysis of trans in their daily lives, as well as delve into social and personal motivations that move their adventures in transnational migration to the sex market in the city of Milan.

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Keywords Decent Work, Sex Work, Migration, Trans Community, No Discrimination at Workplace, Social Security, Social Meanings
Thesis Advisor Siegmann, Karin Astrig
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Series Work, Employment and Globalisation (WEG)
Chavez, Roland Jeremy Alvarez. (2011, December 15). Meanings of Decent Work for Peruvians Trans Sex Workers:. Work, Employment and Globalisation (WEG). Retrieved from