The study linked urban expansion resulting from urbanization with transformation processes happening in peri-urban areas. Two villages in Kibaha district were used as case study. Relevant methodologies, data collection techniques and analytical frameworks were used to ensure that all pertinent issues to PUI transformation processes are brought to light. This was further complimented with literature review and empirical evidence from other places. The study found out that despite urbanization continuing to be among major contributors to peri-urban migration, current trend show that rural migrants from both far away and nearby villages are also important groups. Presence of migrants from various origins and with different social economic classes; have found to bring a complex scenario in access and utilization of resources. Since peri-urban livelihoods is more associated with assets bases, it has been found that asset stock as well as transformation processes were key factors in shaping of livelihoods strategies. Therefore, success or failure of livelihoods was seen to relate to the type of livelihood strategy used. Although the general perceptions of many respondents indicated slump in livelihoods, however the groups practicing non-farm activities were seen to be better off than local farming groups. With early evidence showing groups of women, youth and urban migrants among those practicing non-farm activities, while local communities and elderly are more involved in less remunerative farming. This is group was seen to be negatively affected by transformation processes. With efforts to mitigate for livelihoods failure being further hampered by structural constraints, therefore making the group more vulnerable to poverty. In places where peri-urban transformation processes have failed to provide and promote livelihood opportunities for all groups, the paper calls for state interventions in regulating the transformation process and providing safety nets for the poor.

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Keywords rural-urban linkages, urban expansion, peri-urban interface, livelihoods, Kibaha district, Tanzania
Thesis Advisor Berner, Erhard, Fischer, Andrew
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Series Poverty Studies and Policy Analysis (POV)
Chembo, Victor Samba. (2011, December 15). Understanding Rural-Urban Linkages: the Impact of Urban Expansion on Livelihoods of Peri -Urban Communities: a Case Study of Kibaha District,Tanzania. Poverty Studies and Policy Analysis (POV). Retrieved from