This research explores the role of Albanian epistemic communities in the country’s development policy framing by investigating who had a say in the dialogues for the higher education reform. This comprehensive reform integrated Albanian universities in the European Higher Education Area and adopted the Bologna Process as a guideline for a new system of higher education. Interviews collected with Albanian academics, civil servants, politicians and civil society members are used to explore the nature, influence and political engagement of these communities as well as the consequences of their exclusion. The theoretical and political context in which higher education reforms took place is also investigated, highlighting the way in which Europeanization discourses shaped higher education policies in Albania while heavily influencing political deliberation.

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Keywords Albania, epistemic communities, national experts, policy space, higher education reform, European integration, Europeanization, political participation, deliberation
Thesis Advisor Salih, Mohamed
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Series International Political Economy and Development (IPED)
Dhima, Sibora. (2011, December 15). Albania’s Journey into the Bologna Process: Europeanizing Higher Education Policies and the role of Epistemic Communities. International Political Economy and Development (IPED). Retrieved from