The last two decades have recognized the extent of damage caused by sexual violence against women. Many studies have unpacked the causes and effects of sexual violence on the lives of women, children and girls. This study contributes to these debates with an examination of the discourse on sexual violence against women and their health, social and economic development in the Wa Municipality. The study looks at the perceptions of sexual violence among the community and the extent to which different social groups are facing sexual violence in the municipality. The study’s findings indicate that the lack of effective application of the law, the continuing inattention of the community towards sexual violence as well as the poverty which marks the community all contribute to sexual violence against women, children and girls.

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Keywords patriarchy, culture, poverty, power, sexual violence, Ghana
Thesis Advisor Harcourt, Wendy
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Series Population Poverty and Social Development (PPSD)
Abdul-Mumin, Bashiru. (2012, December 14). Sexual Violence against Women and their Human Rights in the Wa Municipality in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Population Poverty and Social Development (PPSD). Retrieved from