This research focused on the youth from Nyanga District in Zimbabwe with particular reference to Nyangani Secondary Schools pupils. The study sought to understand youth views on smallholder farming and analyse other contrib-uting factors. Socialising agents referred as ‘triple education’ in this paper influ-ence the views that the youth have towards current and future farming. ‘Mixed method approach’ which include questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were used. Findings indicate the current and fu-ture general perspectives of the youth and adults on smallholder farming.

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Keywords Rural, youth, views, smallholder farming, education, socialisation, farm activities, Nyanga, Zimbabwe
Thesis Advisor Huijsmans, Roy
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Series Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD)
Muwi, L.R. (2012, December 14). Rural Youth and Smallholder Farming: The Present and Future of Agrarian Activities from Generational Perspectives. Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD). Retrieved from