Twitter is becoming popular among the new generations, the political interaction that has been happening inside this internet tool are part of a longer debate. However the current paper addresses the analysis of the copyright of the internet discussions that happened on twitter Colombia during a period of time in the 2012. This interaction is showed in two ways; the first one the understanding of the people who is tweeting a demographic and economical view of the users of Twitter in Colombia. These users, as the evidence show, are digital elite, this contention based in the income levels, the location in the country and the education levels; there is a generational consideration in this way that shows that most of the users are part of the same generation. The second way is the tracking of the discussion on Twitter, this method shows that there was a trend about the demand against one law; this process was headed by a politician. Analyze the process of the demand shows that Twitter is not a horizontal democratic space, the information and the power has clear vertical orientation. Finally the research shows that there is no possibility to build networks trough Twitter, and in this way there is no possibility of transcend the participation into a social movement or a more organize form of action. In this way the youth political participation in this social network is based in specific events.

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Keywords Twitter, generation, citizenship, participation, Hegemony, Elites, youth, Internet
Thesis Advisor Huijsmans, Roy
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Series Children and Youth Studies (CYS)
Escobar, Juan Raúl. (2012, December 14). The revolution will not be tweeted : #TRWNBT. Children and Youth Studies (CYS). Retrieved from