In this paper I discuss "Zakat", which is considered a form of charity that must be paid from a person`s wealth ( when his /her wealth exceeds or reaches a “specific amount” of money (or other types of wealth like gold ) So when the wealth reaches this level or (the specific amount ) the person who owns this wealth should pay a specific amount for the poor and this amount goes to the poor named Zakat” (Al-Qaradawi,1999). At the end, I conclude that “Zakat” is an effective and practical approach to reduce poverty and it could be applied in Egypt with a significant role from the state in three main directions: institution ,law and media , that I will explain that the threotical framework of neoliberalism and the successful practices in Zakat highlight the importance of the role of the state in any policy aiming for poverty reduction.

Poverty, State, Development, Zakat ( Zakah or AlZakah), Institution, Media, Society, Law, Neoliberalism
Bergeijk, Peter van
International Political Economy and Development (IPED)
International Institute of Social Studies

Hosam Elsayed Abdelhalim Aamr Helal. (2012, July 31). What is the required role of the state in Egypt concerning Zakat?. International Political Economy and Development (IPED). Retrieved from