Over the past decade the Brazilian State and Brazilian private companies have started a new period of construction of large hydroelectric dams. In 2009 Brazil has found favorable economic and political conditions in Peru to import electricity. This paper analyzes the interactions of State-State and State-Capital driven by the different interests of the uses of electric energy. It is argued that the expansion of capital through hydroelectric dams depends on the degree of autonomy and capacity of the State(s) and Capital to pursue such projects. Through the chapters the linkage between electricity, the extracting sector of mining and the current resource demand of minerals from China is stressed upon. Finally, while there have been considerations given to the unequal power relations of both States, there has also been claims about the necessity to understand the role of the Peruvian State as the facilitator of the process. In doing so a historical review of State construction helps to comprehend the phenomena.

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Keywords Hydroelectric dams, State, State-Capital, Amazons, Brazil, Peru
Thesis Advisor Spoor, Max
Persistent URL hdl.handle.net/2105/15223
Series Agrarian and Environmental Studies (AES)
Cruz Fuentes, Daniel C. (2013, December 13). Importing Energy, Exporting tensions: Capital expansion through hydroelectric dam in the Amazons of Peru and Brazil. Agrarian and Environmental Studies (AES). Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/2105/15223