There is no single place on this planet which is not faced with the problem of waste. The modern way of life together with rising numbers in population are culprits for the growing amounts of waste generated in cities and locations all over the world. This paper explores the issue of waste in the touristic setting, within a small locality, an island in Croatia, which has decided to tackle the is-sue of waste on its own. The study was motivated by the example of Krk is-land, which seemed to have found a way to manage its waste in an ecological and sustainable way. In order to preserve the environment, it is of utmost importance for every locality to find a solution to waste problems. However, solving the issue of waste is often faced with numerous obstacles. There are often difficulties with policy design and implementation on local levels. Local governments are often unable to solely resolve waste problems and the divergence that is often present between local governments and the state are making the search for solutions even more difficult. By looking at the case of Krk island and the way it tackled the issue of waste, this paper explores the innovations in local governance, policy design and implementation, and the role of political will in solving issues of the 21st century in the context of sustainable development.

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Keywords Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management, Local Government, New Public Management, Policy Design and Implementation, Sustainable Development, Ecotourism, Krk island (Croatia)
Thesis Advisor Arsel, Murat
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Series Agrarian and Environmental Studies (AES)
Vučković, Božena. (2014, December 12). Tackling Waste Issues: Eco Island Krk – A Case Study. Agrarian and Environmental Studies (AES). Retrieved from