Sleman is a striving regency in the Yogyakarta Special Region Province. Being closely adjacent to the Yogyakarta Municipality, Sleman receives many spill-over effects from Yogyakarta’s economic boom, especially in terms of new settlements and business areas. To support the economic development in Yogyakarta, many housing developers build their new projects around Sleman. Two of most popular sub-districts in Sleman for development are the Depok district and the Ngaglik district. For the past 5 years, these two sub-districts have been experiencing rapid new housing development. Many of these new housing areas are built within a neighbourhood. This development finally changes the built environment in the neighbourhood, risking to alter children’s outdoor activity places. On the other hand, playing is very important for children psychological development and subjective well-being. Through playing, children develop their cognitive ability and their identity. Playing also boosts children’s confidence through their interaction with their peers It is widely agreed that children with good cognitive development and strong identity will strive more in society also have bigger chance to have a high life satisfaction score.

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Wall, R.S., Stavropoulos, S.
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

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