In 2016 a society’s educational project is handed over from its initiator to a new committee. The society presents itself being a truly international organisation consisting of a network of loosely bound volunteers. It is aiming to promote the highest levels of knowledge, research, education and clinical practice in its branch. Currently it is counting over twelve hundred members from many countries. The annual meetings are attended by over 3,000 delegates gathering to network and to share scientific and educational developments. The project is an online learning environment developed to offer global free of charge branch related expert education. In a ten-year time span the content of the online learning environment ads up to over one hundred chapters and cases, with over one hundred more currently in progress. The initiator and chief editor of the learning environment decides to handover the project. The society’s council appoints a new committee. During this action research, all participants have contributed to explore answering the research question how to change the way of organising to shift the focus from technical and content development to continuity and global implementation of the project in given context. It can be concluded, these committee members first need empowerment to organise themselves before being able to shift focus. Therefore, a narrative depicts empowerment; it is one out of many possible scenarios, offering a fictional event for having a discussion.