This research aims to look into how discrimination happens in the access to employment, and in the labor market for the LGBT in the Philippines. It seeks to understand and analyze the various parts of employment, from hiring, to remuneration, promotion, as well as workplace well-being to expound on, and fill in the gaps in knowledge when it comes to employment and labor market discrimination of the LGBT, within and among them through the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. The paper aims to show how heteronormativity, and gender hegemonies play a significant part in how discrimination happens, beyond the assumptions of sexual orientation as the basis for discrimination. The paper also seeks to address the currently proposed Anti-Discrimination Bill in the country, which has both strengths and weaknesses in addressing the discriminations faced by the LGBT in the labor market and employment.

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Siegmann, Karin
Social Policy for Development (SPD)
International Institute of Social Studies

Enriquez, Patricia Angela Luzano. (2017, December 15). How Discrimination Happens Being LGBT and the Experience of Discrimination in Access to Employment, and the Labour Market in the Philippines. Social Policy for Development (SPD). Retrieved from