This research focuses on the effects of green space on property values in the city of Rotterdam. The concept of environmental injustice is examined; in which the government promotes the development of green areas mainly in high-income neighborhoods. An OLS regression analysis using 2,654 properties in Rotterdam, reveals a negative effect on property values for green space located within 100 meters from each transaction. However, after controlling for historical land usage in a TSLS regression analysis, it is revealed that green coverage within 300 meters from each transaction has a significant positive effect on property values. Furthermore, it is estimated that the effect of green coverage depends mainly on the property's distance to the Central Business District.

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Keywords Green urban space, property valuation, GIS
Thesis Advisor J. van Haaren
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Series Economics
A. Chrysanthou. (2018, March 13). Measuring the Effects of Green Urban Space on Property Values using GIS Metrics. Economics. Retrieved from