Ever since the cross-national trading become popular and MNCs became the dominant backbone of an economy, foreign investments and investors have had taken a significant role in building the city’s image. The majority of multinational corporations keep the headquarter office building in the global cities where all the fame, facility, infrastructure, good quality of urban and architectural aesthetics are in place. This study took the frontier to explain the relationship between architectural and urban neighbourhood aesthetic characteristics and MNC HQ’s location, using primary and secondary quantitative data. Open street map, google map and google street view are used to generate the primary data and investment data for financial and business sector, from Financial Times Limited 2017 database used to collect the secondary data. Finally, it reveals that the aesthetics of a city, specifically some elements of architecture and neighbourhood characteristics, such as building’s tower, entrance emphasis, logo, accessibility, distance to subway entrance and surrounding density, significantly influence the attraction of FDI, particularly MNC’s HQ in London, New York and Tokyo focusing on financial, business and service sectors, when measured by the MNCs outdegree representing the power and image of the MNCs.

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Keywords Multinational Corporations (MNC), MNC Headquarter buildings, Aesthetics, Architecture and neighbourhood characteristics, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Thesis Advisor Wall, R. (Ronald), Yilema, M.G. (Mahlet)
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Getachew, B. (Belay). (2017, September). The psychology of multinationals. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/2105/42363