“De afgrond in denken” (“The abyss in thinking”) aims to uncover the importance of the abyss for Heidegger's notion of thinking. To do this, 'thinking' is characterized following Was heißt Denken? This characterization leads to the introduction of the Abgrund, abyss, specifically the abyss and the Untergang in Nietzsche's Also sprach Zarathustra. Diving deeper into this abyss leads to an investigation, following Der Satz vom Grund, of Grund which enables us to find the connection between Ab-grund and Sein. This offers the means to return to thinking, and find that the Abgrund (also untergehen and verlieren, losing) and finding, are closely interwoven in Heidegger's notion of thinking (der Bezug zum Sein). In this Bezug, relation, we are at risk of believing we have found, whereas thinking ought to remain a searching, not a finding; a losing in the abyss, on a constantly searching road that never arrives.