The Right to education as a crucial part of an individual’s life is legally guaranteed for all without any discrimination. Despite the many interventions, international and national pol-icies and legal instruments to promote gender equity in education, participation in educa-tion including higher education is still constrained for young mothers who suffer pregnancy related exclusion. This research is an attempt to make visible the constrains and experienc-es of single student mother from Surigao City, Philippines and their efforts to realise their rights to education. By examining the policy environment that defines the education of sin-gle student-mothers and their experiences in school, this research reveals how social norms and other factors influence the implementation of a policy protecting the education of all females including pregnant young women. The research findings point to the intersecting challenges that these young student-mothers face which are shaped by social norms and the powerful rules and regulations of a religious-based institutions that undermine the imple-mentation of the policy.

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Keywords Magna Carta of Women, single student mothers, social norm, education, exclusion
Thesis Advisor Okwany, Auma
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Series Social Policy for Development (SPD)
Ato, Elvie C. (2018, December 17). Changing Social Norms to Ease Higher Education of Student Mothers in Caraga Region, Philippines. Social Policy for Development (SPD). Retrieved from