This master thesis consists of a two-folded reasearch into the media logic and the state of the public intellectual in media circles. It especially investigates the way in which first influences second. Departed from the claim that the public intellectual is in decline, in particular due to the changed role of the academia, several Dutch public intellectuals have been interviewed to determine their position in the media. On the other side a couple of tv show editors have been interviewed for the purposes and selection criteria of guests of their shows. The thesis concludes that however there is no absolute downfall, there is a certain tendency towards marginalization of public intellectuals in the media. That means public intellectuals are to be expected sooner in ‘peripheral’ shows holding up a serious amount of substantive talk than in mainstream talkshows like DWDD or Jinek. This can be explained by the predominance of two modes regular tv shows make use of: comfortable harmony and conflict based on ‘ideological’ extremes, both attitudes intellectuals are not soon to be expected to wield.

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Keywords media, journalistiek
Thesis Advisor C. Aalberts
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Series Media & Journalistiek
Kuppevelt, D. van. (2019, February 22). ‘Nee, dit is geen vraaggesprek. Dit is een vertelgesprek van mijn kant.’. Media & Journalistiek. Retrieved from