The purpose of this thesis is to find the effect of transport corridors on regional level. Transport, being a derived demand, plays a significant role in facilitating global traded and enhancing regional cohesion within European Union. As volume of the international trade is increasing, so does the role of well-functioning and available transport networks or corridors in the economy increases. European Union, and its member states, keep investing on significant amount of money in enhancing transport corridors and it is expected, that these investments will increase competitiveness and productivity of firms, as well as total well-being of citizens. We aim to test the impact of transport corridors on regional level (EU-28 NUTS3 regions) by collecting the data on corridors location (core network corridors as defined by EC) and various economic indicators, and performing appropriate statistical analysis. In the first chapter we analysed the context of transport in trade and derived main question of the thesis. In second chapter, we provide literature review, as well as operationalize main terms to be used in study. In this chapter we also derive hypothesis to be tested in order to answer our research question. In third chapter we collected the relevant data, both geographical and economic, and lay out the methodology to be used in subsequent analysis. In fourth chapter we carry out statistical analysis (random effects model with clustered option in order to account for heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation) and provide discussion on the results. In the last chapter, the conclusions are given. Our empirical results indicate that regions with transport corridors bordering regions) have better employment indicators and higher economic output, measured in the gross value-added. Our findings support the previous research done on the subject. Future research should expand the time span of the study and its scope, examining it on more detailed level.

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Keywords core network transport corridors economic impact TEN-T
Thesis Advisor J.J. Witte
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Janis Meirans. (2019, August 14). Economic impact of transport corridors on regional level. Business Economics. Retrieved from