Professionals who are working in the cultural industries and dealing with the coordination of production, reproduction, and distribution of cultural goods are called “humdrum” inputs by prominent cultural economists. They are distinguished from the artists who are called as the “creative” inputs. While the creative side of this distinction has been examined and studied thoroughly, many features of the humdrum side are still waiting to be explored. This research paper aims to widen the understanding of the motivations of humdrum inputs in the cultural industries by seeking an answer to this question: To what extent does overall job satisfaction of humdrum professionals working in performing art centers correlates to the various determinants such as: (1) income, (2) non-standard employment (3) future prospects: promotion and job security, (4) how hard or difficult the job is (physical work and stress), (5) the job content: interest, autonomy, and social aspects, (6) interpersonal relationships and (7) values and outcomes? Ordinal regression is employed using a dataset of 150 respondents who participated in the work orientations survey prepared by the International Social Survey Programme. The findings illustrate that the main driver of humdrum professionals working at performing arts centers is having an interesting job. Another non-monetary motivator is the interpersonal relations experienced in the work environment. Having a high income and high opportunities for advancement, as individualistic motivations, are also among the concerns of these professionals. In contrary to the literature’s narrow description, humdrum professionals working at performing arts centers have many reasons to be in this business.

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Keywords Cultural Economics, Cultural Entrepreneurship, Humdrum Input, Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Performing Arts, Cultural Industries
Thesis Advisor P. Bhansing
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Series Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship , Master Arts, Culture & Society
L. Ozkus. (2019, June 10). No Ordinary Love: Determinants of Job Satisfaction for Humdrum Professionals Working at Performing Arts Centers. Master Arts, Culture & Society. Retrieved from