This paper discusses the presidential election cycle and the democratic premium American market anomalies. It tries to highlight the underlining mechanisms for these anomalies by making an analysis of charisma at the presidential level and how it can affect the type of leadership, whether it is transactional or transformational, and results achieved by the president. It has found that investment strategies that are based on charismatic presidents tend to outperform the ones that are based on the non-charismatic ones. A time series model was implemented in order to verify whether charisma had any significant effect in for explaining the variation of excess returns, most of the findings point towards insignificance of this variable.

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Thesis Advisor Bliek, R. de
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Series Business Economics
Wertzner Borges, R. (2019, July 30). Stock markets and presidential charisma: a further research on the democratic premium and election cycles. Business Economics. Retrieved from