The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community (LGBT) is a marginalised social group experiencing discrimination daily. In this study we aim to explore right4wing authoritarianism (RWA), social dominance orientation (SDO), and perceived controllability (PC), as predictors of discrimination measured via self4 reported discrimination (SRD). Additionally, PC was explored as a possible mediator in explaining the associations of RWA and SDO with SRD. The Choice4matching (CM) method was applied as an incentive compatible survey scoring method. This method was explored due to the presence of social desirability bias (SDB) induced during questionnaires on sensitive topics. By generating honest answers via CM method we aim to reduce the effect of SDB. In order to examine CM method’s truth4inducing effect, two conditions were constructed. Respondents were to be randomised 50:50, for either treatment condition (evident application of CM method) or control condition (no evident application of CM method). In our study under both conditions, strong associations for RWA and SDO on SRD were detected. PC was found to be a moderate associated with SRD as a predictor, however failed to mediate the relationship for SDO and RWA in predicting SRD. Furthermore, we didn’t detect CM method’s overall truth4inducing effect. The results of all the factors and CM method’s treatment effect were discussed in the current study.

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L. Xiang. (2019, November 8). Truth&telling,incentives:" Discrimination"against"the"LGBT4community. Business Economics. Retrieved from