The transformative opportunity for agricultural processes in the 21st century is immense. Its industrialisation with ever-larger fields for crops, machinery and excessive use of agrochemicals has salinized, eroded and depleted the soil. Now, technical innovation measured in inventive local activity indicates solutions and scientific trends. Still, national and regional science and technology supply is needed to lift domestic possibilities onto a level that allows the execution for innovation. Per definition, Precision Agriculture Technology can make also small fields effectively useable for crops with calculated and adapted variable rate application and internet-based decision support. It bears the potential for the countries of Eastern Europe to work cooperatively with the new systems, use the data they gather for further developments and be able to use the freed labour force in other sectors.

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Keywords Agriculture. Precision Agriculture Technology, Green Innovation, Environmental Technology, Productivity, Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability
Thesis Advisor B. Hoogendoorn
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Series Business Economics
H.C. Weimer. (2019, November 8). THE INFLUENCE OF TECHNICAL INNOVATION ON AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY. Business Economics. Retrieved from