The business world is facing tremendous changes due to the introduction of the new technology, which innovation appears vital to win the competition. The Agile transformation came into place to facilitate the working process meanwhile foster innovation, has proven success across industries such as banking and entertainment industry. With the intention to study on what factors lead to the successful Agile transformation, and to explore how to use communication channels to improve the efficiency, this study focus on what communication contents and which communication channels will improve the process. Based on the Actor- Network theory and Socio-Technical Systems theory, this study collected 95 articles industry to conduct quantitative content analysis covering the scope of banking, media and entertainment, software, internal communication and change management, academic, and communication channels. The chosen method helps with analyzing the relations between industry and factors lead to successful Agile transformation, meanwhile do comparisons between groups. The study found out that the role of communication is vital in the Agile transformation process regarding improving employee engagement to create an open culture by using multiple internal communication tools with high technology. Though different industries emphasize different communication problems, the obvious trend of mentioning less Agile terminology to reduce confusion could be observed. The human aspect and technical aspect function collaborate to contribute a successful Agile transformation, while there should be more attention to focusing on the specific area and conduct more comparison with more dimensions such as cultural difference.

media, business, Communication artifacts, internal communication content, Agile transformation, process, communication channels, successful Agile transformation
J. Lee
Media & Business
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

W. Li. (2019, June 26). The role of communication in the successful Agile transformation - A study of the successful communication artifacts in the Agile transformation process. Media & Business. Retrieved from