Past research shows low consistency on outcome of exit strategies for new ventures and different types of funding relationships. Also; the funding landscape is changing rapidly and the call for applicable theory grows. Which funding relationship should the entrepreneur consider in getting the most favorable exit strategy? The author postulates that the underlying institutional logics of the corporate funding partner inhibit the new venture in getting a speedy and desired exit strategy for the founding entrepreneur. Drawing on a sample of 728 US located new firms, results of a quantitative analysis reveal that the combination of Corporate Venture Capital and Independent Venture Capital funding negatively relates to getting an exit strategy.

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Vareska van de Vrande, Giuseppe Criaco
New Business: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
RSM: Parttime Master Bedrijfskunde

Marc Okkerse. (2019, September 30). The effect of different funding partners on exit strategies.. New Business: Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Retrieved from