The main aim of this study was to investigate whether the non-automatic import license systems Declaración Jurada Anticipada de Importación (DJAI) and the Certificado de Importacion (CI) had impact on the Argentinian import and whether this had been positive or negative. This panel data study has been conducted over 159 countries between the period 2009-2018 at 6-digit HS level (HS2007). The model used for this study is the Gravity model, and the two methods used are the ‘linear regression with many fixed effects’ and the ‘Poisson Pseudo-Maximum-Likelihood with multiple levels of fixed effects’. This study finds significant negative results for the DJAI in both the methods used. However, for the non-automatic import license CI, this study only finds significant negative results when the linear regression is used.

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Thesis Advisor Erbahar, A.
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Series Business Economics
Veranian, M. (2020, January 9). Argentina’s import restrictive policies and their effects on trade. Business Economics. Retrieved from