Even though there has been a considerable amount of research devoted to describing boardroom dynamics and illustrating its importance, there is still more to discover about the dynamics on boards and the impact on organizational performance. In this thesis I will be studying the impact and origins of dysfunctional dynamics within supervisory boards of public -and semi-public organizations in the Netherlands, and their impact on the task effectiveness of these boards. Recent public scandals concerning public -and semi-public organizations, such as the near collapse of one of the biggest housing corporations, in the Netherlands have raised questions concerning the supervision of these organizations. This study will therefore focus on supervisory boards of these public -and semi-public organizations in the Netherlands This research will gain theoretical and practical knowledge and contribute to the existing literature about boardroom dynamics by gaining insights from directors that operate on supervisory and managerial boards. Their expertise and experience will be used to formulate conclusions that will provide insight into dysfunctionality on boards and the consequences for the task performance of supervisory boards.

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Keywords Boardroom dynamics, governance, interactions, dysfunctionality, diversity
Thesis Advisor Dr. J.L.M. Hakvoort, Dr. M.A. Beukenholdt-ter Mors
Persistent URL hdl.handle.net/2105/51195
Series Public Administration
Buitenhuis, Tim. (2020, January 31). Dysfunctional Dynamics on Dutch Public and Semi-Public Supervisory Boards: A look inside the Boardroom. Public Administration. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/2105/51195