This paper explores the dilemmas and contradictions associated with a corporate-led circular economy in order to understand its possibilities and limitations to contribute to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. While targets were set in the Paris agreement to prevent a global warming above 1.5 degrees, greenhouse gas emissions are still increasing, with severe consequences for humanity and the planet. The circular economy is promoted by governments and inter-governmental organizations as a solution combine economic growth and ecological sustainability. This paper explores the questions if an economy can produce less and still grow, if a ‘circular fix’ can solve the climate crisis and if regenerating nature goes along with regenerating profits, in short, if the notion of a corporate- driven circular economy is utopian, or practical and do-able. This paper links the macro-level debates with the micro-level by studying the transition of one major corporate actor in the manufacturing sector to a circular economy.

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Keywords circular economy, climate change, contradictions, dilemmas, sustainability, capitalism
Thesis Advisor Borras, Saturnino (Jun) M.
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Series Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies (AFES)
Hötzeneder, Karolina. (2019, December 20). Dilemmas and contradictions, limits and possibilities of a corporate-led circular economy in times of climate change. Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies (AFES). Retrieved from