In order to benefit from the global market, growers must abide to the principles of production and distribution of cut roses. This research paper is designed to contribute to the debate on global value chain governance and upgrading of cut rose industry. This research paper aims to examine the operationalization of the cut rose industry focusing on Tanzania, Kenya and The Netherlands. Broadly, as an entry point, the study will focus on understanding the traditional factors that enabled Kenya to adapt the pace of production and distribution of cut roses globally leading to a prosperous chain of operation with the International market, hence upgrading. Specifically, the content of the research paper will argue on the significance of innovation in operations and digitalization of the market in Kenya and The Netherlands respectively towards facilitating upgrading of cut roses production and distribution in the market. With this regard, through the data collected, the research paper answers the question, “To what extent is the constraint of the Tanzania cut roses industry a result of government failure”. I finalize the paper with the discussion on the current type of global value chain governance of Tanzania cut rose industry in comparison to that of Kenya and The Netherlands and argue how Tanzania cut rose growers can manage to adapt the current applications of innovation and digitalization of the market which will enable upgrading of the cut rose industry and thus position Tanzania in a more flexible global value chain governance, however whether it is possible for Tanzania growers to adapt the changes or not this will depend on the institutional organization between the public and the private sector.

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Keywords cut roses, global value chain, global value chain governance, upgrading, buyer driven chain, clusters, innovation, Kenya, Tanzania, Netherlands
Thesis Advisor Pegler, Lee
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Series Governance and Development Policy (GDP)
Kilasara, John Appolinary. (2019, December 20). Challenges for development: Tanzania cut roses value chain. Governance and Development Policy (GDP). Retrieved from