Gender Ideology has been used by right-wing parties and religious groups to contest proposed changes in sexuality education and other initiatives regarding Sexual and Repro-ductive Health and Rights around the world. The work of Norbert Elias focused on under-standing long-term processes, is proposed to analyze the arguments and logic of religious leaders and opinion-makers in this opposition. This research has found that Gender Ideology is a transnational strategy that mobilizes people using well-established fears in societies. In Latin America and Spain, right-wing groups have linked the gender mainstreaming approach used by UN agencies with pedophilia, incest, and rape. Moreover, the messages, concealed under a mask of secularism and scientific thought, are spread via public conferences accessi-ble on YouTube, as well as incendiary posts shared in social media. This reactionary outcome follows patterns of old strategies and has unified both Catholics and Evangelicals in the con-troversy.

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Keywords Gender Ideology, Norbert Elias, Sexuality and Gender, Right-Wing Populism, Social Media, Religion
Thesis Advisor Icaza, Rosalba
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Series Social Justice Perspectives (SJP)
Quintero, Javier. (2019, December 20). Is gender a global conspiracy? origin and arguments of the gender ideology strategy. Social Justice Perspectives (SJP). Retrieved from