Combining agrarian studies and youth - generation studies, I explore various dynamics on land transfer process between generations among smallholders in five villages in Indonesia. I emphasize on the empirical analysis to problematize intergenerational land transfer process. First, focus on multiple and competing institutions that shapes the intergenerational land transfer. Second, seek how the tension arises between generations, especially how young people situated themselves and exercising their limited agency through the land transfer process. Using semi structure interview, survey, and observation, I found that the land transfer is never work out in a uniform manner as they unfold through the relations of generation (birth order relations between siblings, and parent-child relations), gender, and class.

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Keywords generation, social institution, Indonesia, young farmers, gender, land transfer, smallholders
Thesis Advisor Huijsmans, Roy
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Series Social Policy for Development (SPD)
Charina Chazali. (2020, February 20). The intergenerational dimensions of land transfer among smallholder farm households in Indonesia. Social Policy for Development (SPD). Retrieved from