This paper examines how art can transform into alternative development practices in post-disaster situation. By utilizing the internal and external network of actors, the local artists can mobilize the relief efforts from inside the shelters as response to mainstream humanitarian approach. Additionally, the local artists use their long-time existing artwork or traditional art and transform it in order to make the art relevant to a post-disaster situation. Evidence from mini-ethnography research conducted in the Pasir Putih community, West-Pemenang village, North Lombok a year after the earthquake in 2018.

art and development, creative development, art and social change, post-disaster, alternative development
Huijsmans, Roy
Social Policy for Development (SPD)
International Institute of Social Studies

Daya Cipta Sukmajati. (2019, December 20). Art as alternative development practices: Exploring the Pasir Putih community art perspectives in North Lombok post-disaster situation. Social Policy for Development (SPD). Retrieved from