With the increasing problems related to a degrading environment, environmental protection becomes more and more important. However, the willingness to implement environmental protection differs per government. This study will try to answer the question if left-wing governments are beneficial for the environment and whether the effect differs in countries with low and high levels of wealth inequality. This paper will make use of panel data of 21 OECD countries for the period 1990-2015 in order to study the effect of left-wing party strength on the environment. A distinction is made between regular left parties and so-called green parties which have environmental welfare as one of their primary goals. Little evidence is found for the claim that left-wing party strength has a positive effect on the environment. Additionally, no evidence is found that green parties have a positive impact on the environment or that the effect of left-wing party strength depends on the level of wealth inequality within a country.

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Thesis Advisor Sisak, dr. D.
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Sar, G. van der. (2020, April 16). What is the effect of left-wing party strength and wealth inequality on the environment?. Business Economics. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/2105/51761