This paper studiesthe value drivers of Clean tech M&A. The M&A activity in the Clean tech sector is analyzed, from 3 perspectives: the financial performance, innovation and investments,and the employment perspective. Based on a dataset of 150 globalClean tech M&A deals, multiple effects are foundfrom the perspective of acquirers. Although the evidence isnot strong enough to reject the hypotheses, indications are present that there arenegative effects on financial performance, especially for M&A deals taken place in Europe/Israel. Further, there are indications that show anegative effecton the Solvency Ratio,that is most likely to be related to the useof leverage to finance the M&A deals. Regarding the innovations and investments,and the employmentperspectives no evidence hasbeen found that shows achange after the M&A. Finally, an In-Depth Analysis of the Energy & Power Industry illustrates an increase in the investments after the M&A. In-Depth Analyses have also been made for the region North America and EuropeIsrael. Muchinteresting follow-up researchis suggested, i.e. private equity influence and the experience factor. Based on the increasing attention by international governments (i.e. Paris Agreement and achievements set by the EU), Clean tech is expected to increasingly gain a lot of attention in the near future.

Lemmen, J.J.G.
Economics of Management and Organisation
Erasmus School of Economics

Ballegooijen, M.B. van. (2020, June 11). M&A Drivers in the Clean Tech Industry. Economics of Management and Organisation. Retrieved from