Studies on the innovative performance of firms have generally yielded inconclusive results over the years. With the aim to unravel such unconformities, this paper reviews innovative performance by taking into consideration the internal and external characteristics of European firms. Using a sample of 6,118 firms located in Europe from 1978 to 2010, this study seeks to investigate which attributes play an influential role in a firm’sinnovationperformance.Inthisempiricalanalysis,(i)firmage,(ii) size, (iii) financial performance, (iv) urbanizationdegreeoflocationcountryand(v)educationallevel of the labor forceinthecountryareexaminedtoexploretheireffectoninnovation.Amongtheresults obtained, it is vital to highlight that the company’s size and highly educated human capital favorthe innovative activity of firms in Europe.

Innovative performance, Firm characteristics, Europe
TLPR Peeters
Economics of Management and Organisation
Erasmus School of Economics

E Koskina-Kiatai. (2020, July 28). Internal Firm Characteristics, External Environment, and Innovative Performance: Empirical Evidence from Europe. Economics of Management and Organisation. Retrieved from