Since their introduction, container vessels have always been increasing in size and capacity. The last ten years, however, have seen growth rates far higher than anything before. Logically, this increase in ship size has consequences for other actors in the transport chain: port authorities, deep-sea terminals and hinterland transport companies, among others. If the current growth rate continues, it is likely that vessels with a capacity of 30.000 TEU will sail in the year 2025. This research measures the time impact ships of this size will have on the hinterland transport leg of the Port of Rotterdam. It is expected that the average call size of megaships will increase by 98,41%. Despite this higher volume, the impact on hinterland transport was found to be limited, as the infrastructure surrounding the Port of Rotterdam is sufficient to be able to deal with these increased peak volumes and the volume is spread out over different modes of transport. Most of the time cost associated with bigger vessels is a result of the longer period of time a ship spends at the container terminal.

Streng, M.A.

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