The Dutch government is closing most of its fossil fuelled power plants, even though it does not have an efficient replacement for the base-load of power. This paper argues that nuclear power is the best alternative and tries to find the optimal location for a new plant in the Netherlands. To answer this question the multi criteria decision making method is used on three locations that are available for future nuclear power plant (NPP) development in the Netherlands. Out of the three locations: Borssele, Eemshaven and Maasvlakte, the latter two scored nearly the same (71.46% versus 71.53%). Borssele scored lower (54.85%), which is remarkable considering it scored very low in the safety requirements whilst currently accommodating the only NPP in the Netherlands.

Vermeulen, S.J.
Economics of Management and Organisation
Erasmus School of Economics

Witzenburg, S.G. van. (2020, February 7). Optimal location for nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. Economics of Management and Organisation. Retrieved from