In this paper, we explore the impact of Amsterdam’s ‘Noord-Zuidlijn’ on house prices using house sales data of the years 1990-2019. ‘is paper puts a special emphasis on the construction period of the Noord-Zuidlijn, exploring the combined e‚ect of both the construction progress and distance to the metro line. ‘e amount of information provided on the Noord-Zuidlijn is used as a proxy for this construction progress. ‘e results show a positive e‚ect of a closer position with respect to metro stations. ‘is e‚ect increases as the construction of the metro line progresses. When zooming in on the e‚ect of potential externalities on the adjecent area of the Noord-Zuidlijn stations, this research provides inconclusive results. ‘e outcomes of the data study using a distance variable with a construction progress component are promising, as this variable outperforms commonly used variables in price determination of trac projects.

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Business Economics
Erasmus School of Economics

Snoep, K.L., & Haaren, J. van. (2020, October). ‡e Impact of the ‘Noord-Zuidlijn’ Metro Stations on House Prices. Business Economics. Retrieved from