This study examines the call to transform migrant remittances such as diaspora investments in their country of origin to support national development agenda. Applying concepts of transnationalism, remittances and diaspora engagement, evidence is shown about perceived impact of diaspora investments in national development. Using fourteen interviews and two field observations, the findings suggest that there are no strong connections between dias-pora investments and government initiatives that claim to support diaspora involvement in the development of their country of origin. It also appears that the diaspora investments are small scale enterprises largely situated in southern Ghana. They are driven by the desire of the diaspora to earn extra income, future plans of returning to Ghana and financial support for family members back home.

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Kaşlı, Zeynep
Governance, Migration and Diversity (GMD)
International Institute of Social Studies

Yelewere, Vitus Domevi. (2020, December 18). Diaspora transnational investments: the role of Dutch-Ghanaian emigrants from the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone in national development. Governance, Migration and Diversity (GMD). Retrieved from