Aliansi Rakyat Bergerak challenged the deteriorating governance quality in Indonesia under the Joko Widodo administration. Using the tagline Gejayan Memanggil, they countered structural violence with nonviolent movement in Yogyakarta. It was a pioneer of a nationwide movement #ReformasiDikorupsi which began in 2019. Among all the nationwide movements, Gejayan Memanggil 1 and 2 were distinctive with their commitment to a sustained peaceful action frame. The central research question is how nonviolent movement can be used to overcoming structural violence using Gejayan Memanggil 1 and 2 case. This research studies the rationale of the movement from its historical background and contemporary context as well as how nonviolence as a method framed the movement. Additionally, this study discusses how the movement were waging nonviolence and the challenges that ensued in countering structural violence. The study shows that the nonviolent strategy of the movement was able to respond to direct and cultural violence yet showed a limited impact in countering structural violence within an already deeply engrained system of violence.

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Jayasundra-Smits, Shyamika
Social Justice Perspectives (SJP)
International Institute of Social Studies

Theofany, Selma. (2021, December 17). Waging nonviolence: understanding the Gejayan Memanggil Movement overcoming structural violence in Indonesia. Social Justice Perspectives (SJP). Retrieved from