This research focuses on the increased presence of international labour migrants in the municipality of Odemira. The data collected includes eight interviews and one written questionnaire. Firstly, this research analyses the perception and evaluation of the local governmental and non-governmental actors of the increasing international labour migration to the municipality of Odemira. From this perspective, relating economic globalization and theories on international labour migration helps understanding and grasping the local perception of this phenomenon. Secondly, through considerable theoretical research on local governance, it explores the measures governmental and non-governmental actors are taking to address the phenomena. Lastly, paying closer attention to the reception of these immigrants, one can examine the arrangements local actors create regarding the regularization of their legal status and the consequent impact on the their rights.

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Thomas Swerts, Emiel Rijshouwer
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Cruz Simões Mascarenhas Cabral, I. (2020, June 25). Working far afield: The reception and societal impact of rural labour migration in the municipality of Odemira, South Portugal. Sociology. Retrieved from