The research you are about to read has been written for the completion of the Masters programme Global History & International Relations at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. My thanks goes to Mano Delea for his role as supervisor of this thesis, and to all my previous professors, lecturers, fellow students and others whom helped me to develop my academic work, as well as my personality in the past years. Within this thesis I tried to connect my historical interest in Indonesia, from the time of European expansion and colonialism with international relations theory, democracy promotion and 21st century Indonesian foreign policy. The last notion I want to make here, is that I hope that you as the reader will read my thesis with enthusiasm, curiosity and joy, as this is the manner in which it was written.

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Delea, M.
Global History and International Relations
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Haliwela, Casper. (2021, July 29). Democracy Promotion in the Changing World Order. The case of Indonesia.. Global History and International Relations. Retrieved from