This study researches how knowledge is produced and circulates within the SlutWalk movement. The study is conducted in two phases which enables to create multiple frameworks for the categorization and analysis of knowledge production and knowledge circulation. Members of the SlutWalk movement are highly involved in knowledge production on themes that are strongly related to the dimensions of sexual violence. The SlutWalk movement produces alternative forms of knowledge, where experience knowledge and interpersonal knowledge are dominant forms of knowledge. These types of knowledge produces evidence through narratives and testimonies, creating experimental facts that are able to adapt to the multidimensionality of sexual violence and the contemporary struggles the issue is situated in. The circulation of knowledge is maped out based on the transferability of knowledge and the mobility. The transferability of knowledge is influenced by the form of knowledge and the sources providing knowledge. These aspects provide an explanation as in why certain types of knowledge does not circulate within certain publics and why there’s a need to march with the SlutWalk.

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Willem Schinkel, Maja Hertoghs
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Obispa, C. (2020, July 5). Common knowledge; don’t get raped or do not rape? alternative forms of knowledge in the SlutWalk movement. Sociology. Retrieved from