This study examines the extent to which recruitment and selection procedures contribute to differences in career experiences between male and female associate professors. An analysis of interviews with associate professors at Erasmus Medical Center reveals the presence of structural gendered factors in the procedure. Micro-political practices, often amplified by individual factors, lack of transparency and the influence of the department head as gatekeeper lead to differences in career experiences of men and women. This study contributes to the improvement of recruitment and selection procedures and therefore to the reduction of the gender gap in professorial positions.

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Daphne van Helden, Jennifer Holland
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Pechtold, M. (2021, July 29). Narratives of associate professors: How recruitment and selection procedures influence career experiences - A study on the influence of recruitment and selection procedures on career experiences of male and female associate professors at the Erasmus Medical Center. Sociology. Retrieved from