This research paper provides an innovative view of the responses to today’s rising sea levels suggesting that we require holistic thinking and actions involving multiple paradigms of knowledge and addressing a variety of layers of practices in the social system. This research explores how a holistic approach such as Taoism can be applied to the field of water management as a response to the rising sea level. This will be addressed through a comparative analysis of the policies dealing with the crisis of rising sea levels in the Netherlands and Taiwan, respectively. In order to do so, I would suggest to create a new space for dialogue between the western and the eastern philosophies embedded in the policies in order to promote multi-culture learning.

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Keywords Climate change, Sea level rise, Laozi, Tao, Taoism, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Water management, Sustainable development, Sustainability, Change within, Spirituality, Multi-culture learning, Eastern philosophy, Cognitive Justice, Post-development
Thesis Advisor Salih, Mohamed
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Series Politics of Alternative Development (PAD)
Chen, Tinyu. (2009, January). Facing Climate Change: Reflection on Taoism and Its Possible Contributions to Responses to Sea Level Rise. Politics of Alternative Development (PAD). Retrieved from