This paper considers explanations of rape related to beliefs of women’s vulnerability and men’s violence and strength as problematic, because of the limitations they produce to women’s agency. Under the framework of post-structuralist feminist politics of rape and politics of representation, it analyses how to bring about change, in relation to these beliefs, at the level of discourses. In doing so, this research reflects on “Sexto Sentido”, a Nicaraguan feminist telenovela, produced to the end of stimulating critical reflection and debate on different oppressive relations of power. More specifically, this study discursively analyses how this soap opera challenges dominant discourses on masculinity, femininity and rape in Nicaragua. Overall, the paper critically discusses the potentialities and challenges that fostering social change through discourses rises.

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Keywords Rape, discourses, power, feminist politics, politics of representation, femininity, masculinity, intersectionality
Thesis Advisor Icaza, Rosalba
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Series Politics of Alternative Development (PAD)
Donzelli, Stefania. (2009, January). Challenging Women’s Vulnerability: Feminist Representations of Rape in Sexto Sentido, a Nicaraguan Soap Opera for Social Change. Politics of Alternative Development (PAD). Retrieved from