The expanding extent and effect of development-induded displacement and resettlement (DIDR) have highlighted the threat to relocated people's livelihoods. With the construction of resettlement areas on the city's outskirts, Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has an increasing population od DIDR. Perumbakkam, a neighbourhood of 15,252 tenements located 6544.2 miles from the city centre, is one of the locations. Women in Perumbakkam face more livelihood deprivation, particularly in terms of social capital; consequently, a gender-sensitive strategy for livelihood restoration is necessary. There is evidence of potential relation that access to information helps to improve livelihood, particularly in terms of social capital, by providing information on the resettlement site, the environment, challenges, and opportunities, which allows to psychologically prepare for adaptation and enhance and build their social capital after resettling.

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Eerd, M. van (Maartje) Dr
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

Eltohami Ahmed Eltohami, F. (Fatima). (2022, October 3). The influence of access to information on the women's social capital in the resettlement site Perumbakkam in Chennai, India. Retrieved from