This study has investigated the effect of involving stakeholders in the place branding process and the outcomes of this process in the form of brand citizenship behavior. It has done this through a quantitative survey and a quantitative content analysis of brand-related documents. The findings of this research show that the involvement of stakeholders in the place branding process leads to more brand citizenship behavior of stakeholders in the form of investment in the Smart Delta Drechtsteden brand. Moreover, the related factors of place identification and place dependency were investigated, and it was shown that participation in the network significantly mediates the relationship between place identification and brand citizenship behavior

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Dr. Laura Ripoll González, Dr. ir. Jasper Eshuis
Public Administration
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Joy de Blok. (2022, August 8). Stakeholder Involvement in the Place Branding Process and the Effect on Brand Citizenship Behavior. Public Administration. Retrieved from